We have the secret to the perfect event or wedding.

The sense of smell is our oldest and most powerful sense.  It is the only sense that is fully developed before we are even born and the only one of our senses directly linked to the memory and emotion centers of our brain.  It accounts for up to 90% of the flavors we experience in food and drink, and it influences our thoughts, emotions and behaviors every day in countless ways.  At Alice & the Magician we use the art and science of smell to create truly unforgettable experiences.  Our unique insight into the wedding & event world, as well as the quality of our ingredients and personalized techniques, make us the perfect touch for the perfect event.

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Traveling Cocktail Apothecary (FLAVOR)

The ultimate interactive cocktail experience. A team of talented mixologists, flavor magicians and lab techs will develop and serve a unique cocktail menu customized to the theme of your event in every way.  Each cocktail is a personalized experience for the guest: after discerning their likes, dislikes, and mood, the Alice & the Magician team will craft a cocktail before their eyes, chilled with dry ice, mixed in antique lab equipment and after the first sip, the flavor magician will begin to layer aromatics, fire, smoke, elixirs and garnishes as the guest takes part in the dramatic transformation of the cocktail.  Just like no two guests are ever quite the same, neither are the cocktails.

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Scent Landscaping (ENVIRONMENT)

The way a room smells is at least as important as how it looks, how it's lit or what type of music echoes through it.  Alice & the Magician approach the smell of a particular environment just as a decorator, lighting specialist or designer would and we create custom aromas to match the theme, mood, size, color, time and temperature of the event space or spaces.  We seamlessly integrate custom aromas into the event at strategic times or places. For large scale venues we directly access the HVAC system to provide scent for the grandest events. We offer state of the art techniques as well as natural and therapeutic options that cleanse and purify the air as they gently scent it.

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Bespoke Weddings    (MEMORY + EMOTION)

A wedding is the most exciting, joyous and important day of ones life.  Every detail is carefully curated and aroma should be one of them.  We will create custom "His & Her" cocktails matched with bespoke cocktail aromatics to be served throughout the evening.  Because our sense of smell is so powerfully linked to our memory and emotion, the smell of your bespoke aromatic will transport you right back to your special day any time you open the bottle and inhale.  Give your guests a lasting gift they will actually enjoy using and offer small bottles of your bespoke aromatic for them to take home.  It's as close as it comes to bottling a memory.