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At its core, a Sour is spirits, acid and egg whites violently shaken until the individually harsh ingredients result in a silky smooth, well balanced aromatic classic.  We revisited those components and made them all ours.  Replacing citrus with alpine berry shrub, egg whites with aquafaba (yes it's vegan!) and fruity aromatics with the fresh, invigorating flavor of local pine forest.

2 oz  Mad River Revolution Rye

1 oz Alpine Berry Switchel from Dram Apothecary

1 oz Aquafaba

.25 oz Vermont Maple Syrup

.25 oz Fresh Lemon

3 drops Blueberry Phosphate

2 Mist Citrus Blossom Harvest Cocktail Aromatic

1 Mist Hiking the Long Trail Cocktail Aromatic