FRESH 2017:



Mad River Distillers BurlingtonBarr Hill by Caledonia Spirits, and Alice & the Magician joined up to bring you Fresh: Ideas and Ingredients Behind the Bar for 2017! We have asked some of our best friends, favorite bartenders, and all around spirit savvy folks what they look forward to seeing more of in cocktail culture through the year of 2017. What methods, techniques, flavors and tricks currently make Vermont bartenders tick?

Using the inspiration of these bars and bartenders we have created a unique series of craft cocktails to give you a look at what you can expect to see throughout 2017! Think NYC Fashion Week meets Cocktails. A demonstration of exciting new styles and drinks that VT bars are working with.

Inspiration for these cocktails provided by Hen of the Wood - Burlington,Pizzeria VeritàThe Starry Night CafeMonarch & the MilkweedMule Bar,Guild Tavern and the Vermont Bartending Community.




The resurgence of the Tiki cocktail has been strong in the green state.  This delicious, midnight colored interpretation utilizes activated charcoal for its deep color and creamy texture. Coconut, Raspberry & Strawberry Aromatics will transport you right to a pristine tropical beach

1.5 oz Mad River PX Rum

.5 oz Double Spiced Falernum from Tippleman's

.5 Fresh Lime

.5 oz Pineapple Juice

.5 oz Coconut Milk

1 Tsp Activated Charcoal 

1 Mist A&M Coconut Cocktail Aromatic (Custom limited release, contact for order)

1 Mist A&M Raspberry Cocktail Aromatic (Custom limited release, contact for order)



The Manhattan is a classic, even iconic cocktail. The perfect balance of rye, sweet vermouth and herbal bitters.  We deconstructed the classic down to its flavor elements and built it back up using creative, local ingredients. The look and flavors are different but the soul is the same. Although there are only 5 boroughs in NYC, and we think of this addition as a play on the classic and lovingly thinking of Vermont as another Borough.

1 oz Barr Hill Tom Cat Gin

1 oz Mad River PX Rum

2 pinches Salt

.25 oz Black Tea Shrub (Custom Recipe-8 oz brewed Earl Gray Tea (4x Strength), 4 tbsp demerara sugar, 4 tbsp white vinegar, 1 oak stave)

3 drops A&M Citrus Elixir

1 Drop A&M Pink Peppercorn Elixir



At its core, a Sour is spirits, acid and egg whites violently shaken until the individually harsh ingredients result in a silky smooth, well balanced aromatic classic.  We revisited those components and made them all ours.  Replacing citrus with alpine berry shrub, egg whites with aquafaba (yes it's vegan!) and fruity aromatics with the fresh, invigorating flavor of local pine forest.

2 oz  Mad River Revolution Rye

1 oz Alpine Berry Switchel from Dram Apothecary

1 oz Aquafaba

.25 oz Vermont Maple Syrup

.25 oz Fresh Lemon

3 drops Blueberry Phosphate

2 Mist Citrus Blossom Harvest Cocktail Aromatic

1 Mist Hiking the Long Trail Cocktail Aromatic





The Tom Collins is more than an iconic drink, it's spurred an entire category of refreshing cocktails composed of gin, citrus, sugar and bubbles.  Perfect for sipping after a long day on the farm.  We repurposed the classic using fermented ingredients to give it a sour edge and a fresh from the farm experience.

1.5 oz Barr Hill Vodka

.5 oz Jalapeno-Honey Dew Shrub from Element Shrubs

1.5 oz Turmeric Kombucha from Synergy

.25 oz Raw Fermented Carrots Juice (Recipe Here)

2 Mists Dirt Farmer Cocktail Aromatic (Special Order, Contact to Order)


Coca Cola is the most ubiquitous soda in history.  But it was never designed to be a mixer for drinks.  We reinvented cola to be the perfect mixer.  dry, tart, with a just enough natural sweetness and heaps of complex flavor.

Your Choice of Spirit

1.5 oz Mad River Revolution Rye


1.5 oz Barr Hill Tom Cat Gin

2 oz Homemade Cola (Recipe Here) 

Fresh Lime

1 Mist Bulgarian Tobacco Leaf Cocktail Aromatic (Special Order, Contact Here)

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