The Secret Life of Cocktails: A Speakeasy Event at Pizzeria Verita

Aromatics have always been the secret behind great drinks. 16th century Carthusian monks infused their elixirs with delicious herbs and spices believing them to hold the key to longevity. The eponymous 'Grandfather of the Cocktail," Jerry Thomas added dashes of aromatic bitters from his ring-adorned hands to give depth and complexity to his renowned libations. And the Famous Stanislao Cobianchi of Bologna, Italy paid tribute to the marriage of the beautiful Princess Helen of Montenegro to Victor Emmanuel III by macerating rich red wine with the finest local botanicals and titling it "Amaro Montenegro."

Wednesday night was a celebration of Aromatics. We enjoyed the rich, delicious history of the speakeasy and peeked at the future of how our sense of smell holds the secret to the perfect cocktail.


The Trendsetter

Beefeater, Carpano Antica, Campari

Cocktail Aromatics : Grapefruit, Orange, Neroli


Magician’s Flight

Mad River Rye, Aperol, Averna, lemon

Cocktail Aromatics: Sage, Exotic Citrus


Pine Street Detour

Elijah Craig, Carpano Antica, Abano Amaro, Maraschino

Cocktail Aromatics : Leather, Tobacco, Cacao, Birch Tar


The Doctor Bird

Smith & Cross, Angostura, lemon, grapefruit, honey, pinch of salt

Cocktail Aromatics: Pink Peppercorn, Honey, Grapefruit


Regina del Giardino

Stonecutter, Varnelli Sibilia, honey, lemon, Scrappy’s Lavender bitters

Cocktail Aromatics: Thyme, Lemon







aaron wisniewski