Cinnamon Uncovered

Cinnamon is harvested by giant birds in their nests on sheer cliffs that are inaccessible to people. The technique is to take large pieces of meat (especially ox meat) and place them near the nests and leave. The birds will bring the meat to their nests until they get so heavy, that the nest falls allowing the cinnamon to be harvested.

At least that is one of the stories the Arabian Spice Traders told to keep other's from attempting to find their own source for this amazing and aromatic spice as well as justify its price. 

Cinnamon has been a prominent and extremely valuable spice for nearly 4000 years.

Prized for its fantastic flavor as well as its ability to preserve food it has been used by the Ancient Egyptians, and became a prime spice for Arabian traders who dealt from China to Europe. Many European pilots set course West hoping to discover it and instead landing in the New World. It was finally found by the Western World when the Portuguese arrived in the area that is now Sri Lanka, where the highest quality 'Ceylon Cinnamon' originates.

This special Cinnamon is what Alice & the Magician uses in our Flavor Elixirs and you can try it in the:

Cinnamon Old Fashioned

 Cinnamon Old Fashion by Alice & the Magician

 Cinnamon Old Fashion by Alice & the Magician


In a rocks glass, combine the sugar cube, bitters, Elixir and club soda. Muddle to a paste. Stir in the bourbon. Add ice and garnish with a two-inch strip of orange peel and two mists of Perfect Ginger Cocktail Aromatic