A Holiday Cocktail Done Right

The cold of winter starts to press against the window as a fire roars in the house. Family surrounds you and a warm drink presses into your hand giving you the unmistakable feeling of 'December.' The scent emanating from your cup is the classic combination of cinnamon, ginger and spices.

It is the season of mulled wine! A traditional drink from Northern Europe designed to take the wine harvested in the Spring that has gone bad and make it palatable again in the winter. Very well known as a English staple variations exist throughout the North with Glühwein (15th Century Germany) and Glögg (17th Century Swedish and using Brandy and Port). The origins trace back to Rome where the soldiers would bring wine North and to keep themselves warm and enjoy a taste of home they would heat and spice their drinks.

Skip the too long open bottle of Shiraz this year and let Alice & the Magician create your cocktail!

Aromatics to bring you back to the memories and the tradition in a cocktail you will want to drink through the winter. 

Smoked Hot Toddy