last night something special happened.  It wasn't just the amazing food by Tripes & Caviar of Montreal.  Or the perfect location and execution by the infamous Hen of the Wood restaurant of Vermont, or even the flawless cocktail pairing by master chef/bartender Christopher maloney.  It was the fact that they demolished every rule of what "should be done" at a high end, invite only 8 course tasting menu.  There was yelling.  drinking to excess, loud music and even a "jackson pollack dessert that involved climbing up on ladders and dropping cakes onto a "canvas" of garnishes that we then all ate with our hands and left covered in candied pine needles, bavarian cream and big f*cking smiles.  Alice and the magician was highlighted in Christopher maloney's "Upside-down Manhattan".  Photos, video and recipes will be posted in the next day or so.

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