here's what happens when some of nyc's legends get their hands on Alice & the Magician perfume

New York's Danny Meyer is arguably one of the most important and influential restauranteurs of our time and his Italian flagship restaurant, Maialino is a testament to his unparralleled quality, service and offerings.. General manager Chris Johnson and head barman Aaron Gretzinger take a classic Gibson and with simple, elegant crafting and Alice & the Magician perfume transform it into a masterpiece.  Here's how:

 "MAIALINO GIBSON" By Chris Johnson & Aaron Gretzinger of Maialino nyc
 3 oz London dry gin
 .5 oz Dolin dry vermouth
 3 hand-pickled cocktail sized onion
 1 juniper berry (slightly bruised)
 3 pine needle garnish
 3 sprays "Foragers Delight" perfume
place onions in bottom of chilled martini glass allowing a dash of the
 pickling liquid in as well.In a separate glass cocktail strainer combine
 gin, vermouth, juniper berry, and pine needle.stir gently 20 times and
 strain into martini glass. The juniper and pine should float on top of the cocktail.
 Mist with "Foragers Delight" perfume.
aaron wisniewski