alice & the magician and caledonia spirits: a match made in...vermont

Vermont has a growing and nationally recognized group of craft distillers.  One of the most well crafted, beautifully scented and great storied of them all is Caledonia Spirits.  They keep their own bees and either distill with, or finish with the honey they harvest.  The result is amazing.  Here is a cocktail we designed together that was featured at the VERMONT VOWS wedding show in Shelburne, VT.  The honey scented vodka is accented and transformed by A&M "winter rosemary and orange blossom honey" perfume.

"BARR HILL WILDFIRE"by Alice & the Magician with Caledonia Spirits
 2 oz Barr Hill vodka
 1 fresh squeezed orange
 .5 fresh squeezed lemon
 1 tablespoon caledonia raw honey syrup
 3 sprays "Winter rosemary and orange blossom honey" perfume
combine all ingredients (except for perfume) in cocktail shaker with ice.
shake enough thoroughly mix but not enough to crush ice.pour over fresh ice in "double
 old fashion" glass and top with 3 sprays rosemary honey perfume
aaron wisniewski