Brandon Hosier, General Manager of Positive Pie in Hardick, Vermont is known for his clean, balanced flavors and fresh aromatics.  This Summer treat (or winter treat if you're dreaming of summer) is a perfect example.  The fresh cool cucumber, tart lime and fragrant cilantro make it complex yet refreshing:

 "CUCUMBER-CILANTRO RICKY"By Brandon Hosier at Positive Pie in Hardwick
 1.5 oz Hendricks gin
 2 slice muddled cucumber
 2 wedges fresh lime
 .25 oz simple syrup
 soda water to top
 2 mists of "Andalucia's Garden" perfume
In a pint glass place cucumber in bottom and muddle until pulverized.
 Squeeze both limes and drop in glass.add simple syrup and gin and fill
 with ice. In cocktail shaker, shake vigorously and carefully strain into
 Collins glass with fresh ice.top with soda water and mist with perfume.
aaron wisniewski