It all started when...


The Manhattan is a classic, even iconic cocktail. The perfect balance of rye, sweet vermouth and herbal bitters.  We deconstructed the classic down to its flavor elements and built it back up using creative, local ingredients. The look and flavors are different but the soul is the same. Although there are only 5 boroughs in NYC, and we think of this addition as a play on the classic and lovingly thinking of Vermont as another Borough.

1 oz Barr Hill Tom Cat Gin

1 oz Mad River PX Rum

2 pinches Salt

.25 oz Black Tea Shrub (Custom Recipe-8 oz brewed Earl Gray Tea (4x Strength), 4 tbsp demerara sugar, 4 tbsp white vinegar, 1 oak stave)

3 drops A&M Citrus Elixir

1 Drop A&M Pink Peppercorn Elixir