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We believe that the soul of a well made cocktail lies in its aroma. We have sourced the highest quality botanicals from all over the world, extracted them in their freshest state and hand blended them in small batches to create the finest cocktail ingredients possible.

Scientists estimate that aroma accounts for as much as 85% of our perception of flavor and it has been long known that our sense of smell is the only one of our senses directly linked to the memory and emotion portion of our brains. We keep this in mind when we craft our Aromatics and like to think of them being more then just a flavor, but rather an experience. We hope you Enjoy!

Featured Products

Not sure what to get the cocktail lover in your life?  All you need to know is their favorite spirit and Alice & the Magician will take care of the rest.  We have put together a collection of carefully curated cocktail lovers gift sets that will easily transform and enhance every cocktail.  Whether they love Bourbon, Gin, Rum or Vodka,  an Alice & the Magician gift set will give them the ingredients to effortlessly make the perfect cocktail.